Amnesty International Lethbridge Action Circle
New members welcome. No membership fee.

  • Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights. We take action to free prisoners of conscience, protect refugees, abolish the death penalty, and end political killings, “disappearances”, torture and other grave human rights abuses. We also promote the full range of human rights of all people everywhere.
  • Amnesty International impartially researches and exposes specific violations, then mobilizes public pressure to stop these violations. Our work is based on international human rights standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are an independent, democratic and self-governing movement, funded by our supporters around the world.
  • Amnesty International Action Circle Lethbridge is made up of Amnesty International supporters who meet once a month to work on human rights appeals by writing letters on specific cases as advised by Amnesty International Canada. We may also hold special events on human rights issues.
  • Everyone is welcome and eligible to attend meetings. There is no membership fee, but individuals may join Amnesty International Canada if they choose. A good reason to join is because each individual voice when joined together with other individual voices makes a strong and loud voice for justice, equality and freedom.
  • Joining Amnesty International Action Circle Lethbridge makes you an active participant in a worldwide movement to protect the rights of everyone under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also is a good chance to learn about the human rights issues in different countries, and to meet other people who share your interests and concerns.

    Amnesty International Lethbridge Action Circle Board of Directors

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