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AI Lethbridge Annual Report 2009

(Download PDF :AI Lethbridge Annual Report 2009)

Dialogue on Racism

(Download PDF :Dialogue on Racism)

Press Release 7 12 09 Write-a-thon

(Download PDF
Press Release-7-12-09-Write-a-thon.pdf(108kb))

Media Advisory 26 11 09 Write-a-thon

(Download PDF
: Media Advisory-26-11-09-Write-a-thon.pdf(98kb))

Press Release SIS Vigil 2009

(Download PDF : SIS_Vigil_2009_Press_Release.pdf (166kb))

Press Release Alex Neve
(Download PDF : Press_Release_Alex_Neve.pdf (134kb))

Annual Report, 2008
(Download pdf document: Annual Report 2008.pdf (1.30mb))

Dialogue on Racism Booklet-March 2009
(Download pdf document: Dialogue on Racism.pdf (900kb))

Press Release-Tibet
(Download PDF : Press Release Tibet.pdf (19.1kb))

Press Release- December 12, 2008

(Download Microsoft Word Document: Press Release-December 12, 2008.doc (40kb))

Press Release-SIS Vigil 08Final
(Download Microsoft Word Document: Press_Release-SIS_Vigil_08Final.doc (12kb))

SIS Stats 1 Oct 2008 FINAL v 1

(Download PDF: SIS_Stats_1_Oct_2008_FINAL_v_1.pdf (12kb))

Open letter to all Candidates for October 4th, 2008

(Download PDF: Open_letter_to_all_Candidates_for_October_4th.pdf (12kb))

Press Release, January 23, 2008

(Download PDF: Press_Release_Jan_23._2008.pdf (11kb))

Press Release, January 11, 2008

(Download PDF: Press_Release_Jan_11_2008.pdf (16kb))

Press Release, December 5, 2007

(Download PDF: Press_Release_Dec_5-07.pdf (27kb))

Press Release, September 27, 2007

(Download PDF: Press_Release_Sept._27_2007.pdf (16kb))

Press Release, August 29, 2007

(Download PDF: Press_Release_Aug_29_2007.pdf (11kb))

Press Release, June 14, 2007

(Download PDF: Press_Release_June_14_2007.pdf (11kb))

Press Release, June 4, 2007

(Download PDF: Press_Release_June_4__2007.pdf (11kb))

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