“BURMA VJ” – Film Screening

Title: “BURMA VJ” – Film Screening
Location: Bowman Art Gallery, 811 5 Avenue South, Lethbridge
Description: Anders Østergaard, acclaimed filmmaker, brings us close to the video journalists who deliver the footage in Burma during the dramatic days of September 2007, when the Buddhist monks started marching. The film offers a unique insight into high-risk journalism and dissidence in a police state, while at the same time providing a thorough documentation of the historical events.
Start Time: 18:45
Date: 2010-10-20
End Time: 21:00

“On this third anniversary of the Saffron Revolution, Amnesty International calls on world leaders to demand that the Myanmar government free all political prisoners at once, and ensure human rights protection throughout the elections period and beyond”, said Benjamin Zawacki.

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